Manufacturing & Quality Control

Horizon’s nail and makeup tools are manufactured through our BSCI, ISO, RoHS, TUV certified factory that is equipped with the latest production machinery. 

Manufacturing Capabilities in Numbers

With an experienced staff manning a series of production lines that have the latest equipment, Horizon ensures a steady supply of quality nail and makeup tools.

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Horizon Production System

Key aspects of our production system determine the quality of our nail and makeup tools. Horizon bolsters each part of our production system to meet the industry standards on high-grade personal care products.

Raw Materials


All raw materials acquired goes through a thorough screening and evaluation process conducted by our dedicated team to ensure all materials meet our standards.

Emery materials are produced from the same area as Japan’s Fujistar sandpaper materials while our PS materials are purchased from Sinopec.



Quality inspectors are carefully selected for their rich professional knowledge, familiarity with the technical parameters of the material we use, and have an average of 15 years working in the industry.

Horizon’s pursuit for quality is not just limited to our factory floor, but the personal values of our personnel as well.

Flow Control


Using automated punching equipment, Horizon can easily triple the manufacturing capacity of a production line.

Dedicated inspectors conduct a thorough analysis of our nails and makeup tools through the production process. Environmental assessment tests are also conducted, including two major aspects of production capacity and production environment.

Highlights in Manufacturing

To illustrate the advantages of our nail tool products, specifically our nail files, nail buffers, nail clippers, tweezers and scissors, below are the highlight of our manufacturing process.

Nail Files

Foot Files


Cuticle Nippers

Nail Clipper and Scissors

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Professional Material Test

Horizon is open to issuing raw material test reports that are conducted by professional third-party testing agencies.

Evaluations are conducted to determine if our products adhere to the needs of our customers and are environmentally safe.

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