Custom Beauty & Personal Care Tools


Horizon Focuses on Needs for Uniqueness

A unique market appeal is the aim of our design team whether it is for our own “Easy Beauty” brand design or through a personalized design.

Horizon aims to give your brand a voice or a recognizable face that lets your target audience know the nail and makeup tools come from your business.

Fully Customizable Solutions

From the shape of the product to the print on the tool’s surface, Horizon’s versatile customization options can help you find a solution that fits your budget and project goals.

Emery Type

The emery of our tools can be changed with other materials to achieve a specific functional requirement.


Each of our nail and makeup tools’ dimensions (width, length, and thickness) are customizable to provide a good experience to end-users.

Shape & Decoration

Adding a unique and marketable aspect to your nails and makeup tools is possible with a tailor-made shape or decoration.

Packaging Design

Experienced consultants will help you achieve a consistent packaging design and product style for your brand.


High-resolution patterns, colors, logos, text, and graphics are incorporated into the product and packaging with our printing service.

Sets or Kits

Create customize nail or makeup sets and kits that match your brand with our rich suite matching forms.

Send Us Your Design!

Turn your nail and makeup tool concept design into an actual product with its unique packaging by sending us your specifications or product design.

Need More Support?

Stuck with coming up with a powerful nail and makeup tool design for your brand? Allow our experienced consultants to help you formulate your design.

Raleted Cases

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