Nail Files

Refined Nail Files Wholesale

Made to gently grind and shape nails, our nail files are applied in manicures and pedicures after nail trimming is done. Sharpened and refined, our emery board nail files are wear-resistant and made waterproof to ensure lasting use.

Diversified to meet different sizes, we provide nail files of various shapes and patterns that better express your brand. With a special formula glue and optional bamboo board, we guarantee environmental protection.

Horizon Emery Nail Files with Customizable Packaging

For easy trimming and shaping, choose our line of emery nail files made with additional coarseness and a clean surface. Through the creativity of our experienced design team, our nail files are designed to fit various consumer groups.

Our workshops apply advanced machinery to cure our EVA and PS plastic sheets for lamination. From surface treatment and stamping to packaging, we oversee a complete production cycle and respond to any product concerns easily. Sign up today for wholesale deliveries.

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