Nail Brush

Bulk Fast-Cleaning Nail Brushes

Our line of nail brushes come in different styles to ensure smooth cleaning around the nails and edges of fingers and toes. We have a variety of brush materials, which can be selected, mainly nylon wool, to ensure safe, allergy-free use.

To ensure wider functionality, we adjust brush direction and customize brush design for easy handling. In appealing to market trends, we create designs and use different colors to show off your brand’s efficiency.

Product Features

One-Stop Shop for Your Wholesale Nail Brush Needs

Producing 6 million pieces annually, our production lines create different molds for punching and shaping to save time and meet quotas faster. Advanced machines cure the plastic material and flatten them to form the right shapes for our brushes.

We are your one-stop shop for your nail tool needs, providing immediate responses to your product, design, and sales concerns. Following international standards, we select suitable suppliers that deliver quality materials and supervise thorough quality control in every level of production. To get you started, call our professional team today!

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